Birth of Paris Nord 2

First stone laid down in 1981…300 hectares built and marketed to become the leading

Paris Nord 2 was designed and built by a public planner: Grand Paris Aménagement (Greater Paris Planning), previously AFTRP (Agence Foncière et Technique de la Région Parisienne (Parisian Region Property and Technical Agency)).

The foundation stone was laid in 1981. 300 hectares were then built and marketed, enabling the moving in of offices, activities, shops and services. This created a large private domain.

hectares built
hectares of landscaped green spaces
square meters constructed

A EIG for Park management

To implement the park management, 3 associations were created and groped under the Groupement d’Intérêt Economique  (Economic Interest Group): Paris Nord 2 Gestion.

Association Foncière Urbaine (AFU) (Urban Property Association)

Its object is the cleanliness, the management and the maintenance of the communal spaces and the infrastructure equipment: roadways, lighting, video protection, street furniture, networks and green spaces of Paris Nord 2.

It groups all the owners of land plots located within the perimeter of the Park and divides its expenses among its members in proportion to the built surfaces.

Association Paris Nord 2 Entreprises (APN2E)

This association plays an essential role in the organisation of the Park.

  • Application of the design brief
  • Relations with public authorities and professional bodies
  • Relations with companies
  • Communication
  • Promotion
  • Setup and operation of internal services dedicated to companies and employees of Paris Nord 2.

It groups the companies of Paris Nord 2, owners and tenants, who are automatically members.

Association des Restaurants Interentreprises de Paris Nord 2 (ARPN) Multi-company Restaurant Association

This groups the companies of  Paris Nord 2 who frequent the Multi-company restaurants. It owns three restaurants Les Épis, Les Étangs et Le Canal) and is responsible for their management, operation and maintenance.

Meals are supplied by an external service provider, Elior.

A User Committee participates in the improvement of these services.


Architecture and Green Spaces

Green spaces

With 70 hectares of green spaces, Paris Nord 2 offers an outstanding work environment for companies and their employees. Wide avenues, wooded and landscaped spaces, ponds and fountains contribute to the park’s unique allure.

At the heart of Paris Nord 2 (300 ha) lies a green lung of 7,000 m²  and its water body, constituting a much-appreciated relaxation area.

The park was developed in harmony with its green heritage. Respect for the environment is a core concern.

Architecture favouring low-rise buildings, horizontal lines and glass  façades enabled a harmonious integration of the Park’s buildings and its environment.

Environmental policy

Thanks to its ISO 14001 certification, Paris Nord 2 is recognised for the implementation of its Environmental Management System.

Sustainable commitments and innovative solutions aim to ensure the quality of the working environment for the employees and at the same time preserve the environment:

  • Soft transport
  • Collective and sustainable waste management
  • Protection of water resources and biodiversity
  • Processing and recycling of green waste
  • Commitment to renewable energy,…

The Management Centre is ever conscious of the park’s future in sustainable terms and commits to a responsible future.


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