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A Space exclusively dedicated to the employees of Paris Nord 2 park…

Every employee can register for free and benefit from discount vouchers for services made available by the park’s Management Centre.

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An Employee space to take advantage of service offers

A space available free of charge where you can benefit from discounted services and privileges…
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An exceptional working environment

A uniquely rich landscape

The park is spread out over wide tree-bordered avenues and the architecture of the buildings is of a human dimension. Numerous green spaces structure the communal areas and create relaxation spots. Paris Nord 2 respects the balance between natural and built areas and thus preserves the resources.

  • ISO 14001 certification
  • 70 hectares of landscaped green spaces
  • 1 pool of 6,500 m²
  • 10 water bodies and fountains
  • 16 km of natural hedges
  • 8,100 trees
  • 14 km of bicycle lanes
  • 12 km of pedestrian walkways
Certified environmental commitment

Paris Nord 2 is ISO 14001 certified and is recognized for the implementation of its Environmental Management System, a policy aimed at the continual development and the sustainable management of the water, green spaces and the overall living environment.
Soft transportation, biodiversity, beehives, insect hotels, floral meadows, vegetated geomesh in the pool, orchard, water bodies, fitness and walking trails: sustainable commitments and innovative solutions which aim to ensure the quality of the working environment of the employees and the conservation of the environment.
The Management Centre is ever conscious of the park’s future in sustainable terms and commits to a responsible future.

  • Multi-Company Movement Plan adding value to soft transport
  • Collective and sustainable waste management
  • Processing and recycling of green waste
  • Protection of water resources and biodiversity
  • Commitment to renewable energy

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