Yoburo – Yoga at the office

Yuburo, a relaxing break to improve your working performance

Relieve your back, learn how to relax in just a few minutes before a meeting, adopt the best postures in front of your computer screen…

Youburo organises tailored yoga, chair yoga and sophrology sessions to bring you relaxation and well-being at your workplace, improving your working quality of life.

As a Park employee, you benefit from:

-20% for sessions of 1h

-10% for sessions of 40 minutes

And test sessions at the price of the sessions of the chosen subscription, occasional or regular, upon presentation of your “Bonus Card”.

The classes may be fully financed by the company (deductible charges), by the participants themselves, or shared between the company and the participants.

Sessions can take place in a meeting room or on a terrace and don’t require access to a shower.

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Services: Yoga at the office

Date: June 2018